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A question about  Local bus PLL on MPC8548

Question asked by GuoQiang Wang on Aug 7, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2009 by Paul Genua

   There are two pins named LSYNC_IN and LSYNC_OUT on MPC8548. The datasheet says the loop time by two pins is the time that the PLL shifts the LCK earlier than the data lines.  So I  routed the clock line longer than the data lines,and made the loop time from LSYNC_OUTto LSYNC_IN be  equal to the difference of flight time  between clock line and data lines. But a note in the mpc8548 bring-up guide says the loop length should be equal to the longest clock line. Anyone can tell me how should I route the loop from LSYNC_IN to LSYNC_OUT