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Programm EEPROM MC9S12XDP512 without BDM

Question asked by KoT on Aug 6, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2009 by KoT
In my program it is necessary to save current customisations in EEPROM. I work with microprocessor MC9S12XDP512. Has written the program I start it in a debug mode with connected BDM modul, all perfectly works. I disable BDM modul I include the device, it passes in a state an error of operation with EEPROM. I can not understand why so occurs (((((. I think that probably occurs from for that that a normal operating mode of the microprocessor the writeprotect is installed. Read datasheet there it is written that it can be removed with the help backdoor key access, but I have not found what data series it would be necessary to write what to remove protection ((((   Prompt as to be????