Luciano Navarro

How to use bitmaps in embedded software for monochrome LCD?

Discussion created by Luciano Navarro on Aug 3, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2009 by Tom Thompson

Hello embedded engineers

I'm developing an embedded app wich uses a 240x160 monochrome LCD. I usually draw the images in Excel and convert them to hex arrays like this:

const unsigned char bitmap_9x15_0[2+17]={    9,15,    0x7C,0xDC,0x1D,0x1F,0x3C,0x78,0xF0,0xE0,0xC1,0x83,0x07,0x0F,0x1E,0x7C,0xDC,0x1D,0x1F};

Now I have to print to the screen more complex images (company logo, icons...).

What's the best way to do it?, is there a freeware PC app which converts images to C source code?

I'm using S08AW60.

Thanks in advance