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Locating NVR in Codewarrier Mobile GT 9.2

Question asked by martin wakely on Aug 3, 2009
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I want to create an NVR ram segment at a fixed location, which does NOT get initialised at startup, i.e. is not part of BSS.


I have done the following:



// define a non-volatile section, based at 0xF1000000

#pragma section ".NONVOLATILE" ".abs.F1000000" data_mode=far_abs


// define prefix for non-volatile variables

#define NON_VOLATILE __declspec (section ".NONVOLATILE")



// declare non volatile variable




This partly achieves what I need - Account1 is located at 0xF1000000, but is part of bss so gets initialised to 0 at startup.


Can someone advise me how to declare non-initialised memory?


Many thanks


Martin Wakely