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U-boot hangs after some time in MPC8280 based Board

Question asked by Gurumurthy Gowdar on Aug 1, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2009 by Raghavendra Thekkibettu

Dear All,

           we have designed a MPC8280 based board which has 512MB RAM,128 MB Application flash,512KB boot flash.we have ported U-boot 1.3.1 on mpc8280, cpuis running at 300MHz. we are using only one chip select for SDRAM. SDRAM has 12 rows 10 columns.


bus clock is 100MHz

scc clock is 125MHz

vco_out is 500Mhz

CPM clock is 250 MHz


U-boot is booting and working fine. but when i give mtest command from u-boot to check SDRAM working then u-boots hangs after 1 hour giving some exception error.


i have captured the log file /error file which is got in hyper terminal during testing time. please find in the attachment. 


let me know what is the issue. please help me out if any one faced same scenario or give me your valuable suggestions.


With Regards,




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