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ColdFire. MCF52223.  USB-FS memory access behavior.

Question asked by Claude_Sylvain on Jul 31, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2009 by Claude_Sylvain

- I currently use the MCF52223 ColdFire and its integrated USB-FS peripheral,
  and noticed the following behavior:

    - When ColdFire is sending data over the USB as a device, the data
      buffer pointed to by the BDT must be in SRAM.  Putting that data
      buffer in Flash will make the USB-FS not working at all.

- It seems that there is no configuration register to make USB-FS able
  to access data buffer located in Flash.
  I configured "CFMSACC" to have "unrestricted" access to all Flash sectors,
  and this had no effect.

- Is it normal, or do am I missing something.

Claude Sylvain
Electro-Technica inc.