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DEMOJM Kit With MCF51JM128

Discussion created by Jonathan McClain on Jul 30, 2009
Latest reply on May 24, 2012 by Erich Styger

Hello everyone.

I have been playing with a DEMOJM kit and the CMX USB stack. Everything in the kit seems to be functioning fine, and all labs work per the documentation.  However, one of the labs on mass storage is not very clear so I have some questions.  Lab #5 with the MCF51JM128 allows you to plug in a USB thumbdrive and read data files from it, but the documentation is extremely poor.  Is it possible to also actually use the terminal window to also send info to the thumbdrive?  If so, I cannot figure it out.  I can easily put text files on the thumbdrive using a text editor in Windows, and then dump them to the terminal window, but I can't seem to send anything to the thumbdrive through the terminal window (in fact, calling "help" only shows two limited "dump" commands that can even be used.)  So I'm confused.  How is this a mass "storage" demo?  Its more like a file reader from a storage device.  I believe the CMX demo is written for host mode operation, but there is no CMX project file written for OTG operation with mass storage - which could be the problem (unless its hidden somewhere.)  What am I missing?  Has anyone been playing with this USB thumbdrive demo board?


Thanks everyone.