Minimal init & CF libraries documentation?

Discussion created by FridgeFreezer on Jul 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2009 by Jeff Brown

A bit of background - I'm not vastly experienced with MCU's but have been maintaining & updating a fairly bloated embedded app on the M-Core 2114, which we are now looking to re-do on the MCF52259 (not port it, but re-build the functionality with much improved & simplified code).


I've got myself an M52259DEMO which seems to be an excellent bit of kit, but I'm having trouble getting to grips with the supplied CodeWarrior (5.9.0) build and associated included libraries / ProcessorExpert Beans.


Basically, because of the application, we do not want to use MQX and want to keep the code fairly small & streamlined so we know what's going on. However, building the code completely from scratch is a lot of work when there are numerous supplied libraries with CW.


The problem is, if I start a new project for the MCF52259 in CW, it sticks in a lot of stuff like console IO which is not particularly well documented and not required. The ProcessorExpert "beans" are similar - they try to do so much that it leads to pages of extra code that are more than likely not needed. However, if you select "no board support" then you end up potentially re-inventing the wheel with a lot of functions.


What I'd really like is to end up with a CW project in which all the MCU's various ports are defined/initialised and there are perhaps some generic I/O routines for the various UART/IIC/SPI ports without reams of auto-generated code taking over half the system resources.


So, this really boils down to two questions:

1) Is there any documentation for the inbuilt ColdFire libraries?

2) Is there a reference "blank project" anywhere with the bare bones required to build an executable for the M52259DEMO?


Thanks in advance.