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Few querries regarding Zigbee using MC13224

Question asked by Saurabh Moghe on Jul 29, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2010 by GALDER BENGOA

Could any one please help me with a few querries regarding Zigbee using MC13224.


It seems that the Freescale support is still finding answers to my querries and have not replied for a week after raising a service request.


We are developing a product based on freescale's MC13224. 


1. RFD not rejoining the n/w - We have developed an application over Zigbee stack that transmits 6 bytes every 7 second. If we are in the network of the co-ordinator we receive data correctly. If we leave the network and come back in the network we do not see any data coming to co-ordinator. Looks like the RFD is not rejoining the network. Is there anything I need to modify in the code to make the rejoin operational. I suppose this should be a working feature for the code that is generated using Beekit


2. Cannot achieve a data transfer rate of 8KHz  - We have a requirement where we want to send a recorded audio message over Zigbee (data rate of 8KHz), but right now we are not even able to achieve the data transfer of packets faster than once per 150/200 ms. Is there any other way to do this and improve throughput of overall data transfer?


3. Firmware upgrade over the air for Zigbee - This product is going to have some upgrades for end device in future, can we update the firmware of end node in wireless network using Zigbee? If so, is there any special provision to do such firmware upgrade, as we need faster transfers to finish this reprogramming.


Thanks in advance.