Jeff Brown

Multilink and Vista problems

Discussion created by Jeff Brown on Jul 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2009 by Jeff Brown

I recently upgrade to a computer with Vista and am now having a few problems with the PE Multilink CF.  I have installed the latest drivers and I can get it to work with CF Flasher but have trouble with the CodeWarrior.


Most time when I click on debugger it get a message that the "Coldfire PE Protocol Adapter: No USB connection found".  But sometimes, it magically works.  Other times I have to unplug the Multilink from the USB port for a few minutes and then reconnect.


When it does work, if I kill the debug thread, it will not work the next time I try to start the debugger.


I had installed the CodeWarrior 7.1 before I updated the drivers. 


Has anyone had this trouble or a solution?