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CW SE and CRC registers

Discussion created by Doug Paulsen on Jul 28, 2009
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I'm trying to use the CRC function on my MC9S08AC128 development board.  For reasons I can't fathom, CW (IDE 5.9.0, build 2830) will not compile the following lines:


CRCH = 0xFF; // CRC seeded 0xFFFF
CRCL = 0xFF; // CRC seeded 0xFFFF

I get the following error messages:

Error   : C1815: CRCH not declared (or typename)

LNISPI.c line 73  

Error   : C1815: CRCL not declared (or typename)

LNISPI.c line 74  


My standard MC9S08AC128.h file includes the following lines:

#define CRCL                            _CRCL.Byte

#define CRCH                            _CRCH.Byte


Is there something in the CW Special Edition which prohibits accessing these registers?  Other #defines in the device header file compile okay.  It's only the CRC registers which don't (at least that's all I've found so far).


Thanks for any ideas you may have,