MCF51QE Clock Question

Discussion created by sebasira on Jul 28, 2009
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Hello everybody, I'm new with the QE family and I'm having some troubles to initializate the clock. I've worked a lot with HCS12 and HC0, but never with QE.


This is what I do:


ICSC2 = 0x00;

ICSC1 = 0x06;


ICSSC = 0x80;


I've selected the internal clock reference and enabled it. The MCU runs, but I don't know at what speed it's running at.


I also select the FLL out.


I can't understand at all how this module works. I know I've got the TRIM register in order to reduce/increase the internal clock period, but starting from what value?


And I need the reference to be between 31.25kHz and  39.0625kHz to use the DCO, is that right? If so, how can I set the internal clock to run at that speed?

And where do I choose the FLL factor?


I've read the AN3499 "Clock Options on the HC9S08 Family" but as I said before, I can't understand it.


Thanks a lot! I'm stuck here!!