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how to prevent mass erase with inDART-one in debug mode ?

Discussion created by david robinson on Jul 24, 2009
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I am programming a MC9S12DT128 under CodeWarrior 4.7, IDE 5.9.0. I have a Softec inDART-one debugger. I have noticed that prior to loading the new program, a mass erase is performed. Is it possible to prevent that ? I want to keep my bootloader located at 0xC000.


I have seen in the inDART user manual that IPL_GetDefaultProgrammingSteps() and IPL_SetProgrammingSteps() can change the programming steps. Problem is I don't know how to interface this with CodeWarrior. I guess the Softec_HCS12_Preload.cmd needs to be edited but there is no documentation availbale.


Any help on that would be appreciate.