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programming manually Breakpoint with PC9S12XDP512

Question asked by THOMAS Jean-Noel on Jul 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2009 by THOMAS Jean-Noel



I try to program an internal breakpoint in 68hcs12xDP512 without success.

I use BDI_access tool that can set only registers.


My Way is the following:

Set register DBGC1 (0x0020) to 0x99 in order to select  comparator B  // select break point     
Set register DBGBCTL (0x0028) to  0x81  in order to arm and validate equal comparison  // breakpoint classification
Set register DBGBA   (0x0029) to  0x7F  // breakpoint adress H      
Set register DBGBA   (0x002A) to  0xC0  // breakpoint adress M      
Set register DBGBA   (0x002B) to  0xC0   // breakpoint adress L     


When the program running and reach 0x7FC0C0, the microcontroller continue execution without breaking on my breakpoint.


I check with orther tool, the values of registers are correcly set.


Somebody have an idea on this problem ?