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License doungle problem, FLEXid does not appear in FLEXid box

Question asked by Alireza Bolourchian on Jul 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2009 by stanish

Hello  Everyone

Recently we purchased  a CW permanent standard node lock(USB - CWH-DONGLE)license(DLP-STANDARD-NL   S/W ) for HCS12 MCU.
The problem is, after following freescale USB Dongle Licensing installation manual steps, I have not seen the FLEXid appear in the FLEXid box. The USB light (Red light) is on and the softwares(FLEXid licence manager and drivers) in order to Section A , B , C and D in the installation  manual all are installed perfectly.
For troubleshooting, I have done the following steps:
1-    Download and install the updated divers( ) run the Install_Drivers.bat
2-    Restart the computer and install again the USB Dongle.
3-    Change the physical port for USB(a Different slot) in PC.
4-    Change the PC(use another one) to make sure is not from the windows or other stuffs.
Still it has problem. No ID appears.

Is anybody had the same problem ?If yes, please advice me