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Setting up the JTAG connector for a MC56F8006demo board

Question asked by Charles Lin on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2009 by Greg Mountford

Hi all,


I am trying to download applications from CodeWarrior 56800/E V8.2.3 onto a MC56F8006demo board via a parallel-to-JTAG converter. I am running CodeWarrior on a 32-bit Vista computer. Whenever I press the debug button, I receive an error of "cssprotocolplugin: unknown protocol error". I have tried the following tips from a previous thread,, but the error persists.


  - "Enable Legacy Plug and Play" is checked for my parallel port

  - The parallel port registration key, winxp2.reg is added

  - The mode of my parallel port is set to bi-directional

  - The address of the parallel port is set using commands "config cc Parallel:0x0378" and "config save"

  - The voltage coming out of my parallel port from my desktop is 5v



The log of my session says:

  api version: 00000004 00000005
  devlist: Holo
  ERROR(39): Subcore error encountered during multicore operation


Is there any other configuration need to be done before I can use a JTAG connector to download applications?


Thanks in advance,