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I think flashx example just bricked my M52259evb

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Jul 23, 2009
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I just ran the flashx example code from MRAM and it appears to have bricked my M52259evb. The PTC on the 5V power input keeps blowing as soon as it tries to power up. It powers up for a few milliseconds at about 2 second intervals (LED's all flash, Reset_out LED comes on). I cannot get into programming mode via the onboard debugger as it reboots and looses power.


Any ideas? Its like the processor is causing something to draw to much current, so when it boots it sets something or does something that causes the entire board to rese which stops any programming from happening. (Just a guess, I really have NFI).


There is nothing else plugged in and the boards been working 100% for 6 months without a problem.


PS: The last message I got from the flashx was


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