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Problem putting code in flash with CW 7.1 build 14 for MCF52223

Question asked by Rick Cordray on Jul 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2009 by Rick Cordray
I have a program that runs fine on my M52223EVB and my custom board in RAM.  I have not succeeded in putting my program in flash.  What am I missing?
1) Set target to INTERNAL_FLASH
2) Compile
3) Start Flash Programmer
4) Unselect 'custom target' to use the default target INTERNAL_FLASH
5) Use the flash memory base address 0x00000000
5) Erase flash - this succeeds and blank checks successfully
6) Attempt to program - I get the error message "0x00000200 bytes of Target Memory at 0x20000000 is not within flash boundaries."
The RAM is set at the default value of 0x20000000, but I don't see how that matters or know what to do about it.