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Flash Programmer problem, Codewarrier MobileGT V9.2, MPC5121

Question asked by martin wakely on Jul 22, 2009
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We currently have 2 Codewarrier installations, both MobileGT V9.2 and on identical PC's running XP pro.


The flash programmer on my installation doesn't give me an option for the 5121.


In the tools/flash_programmer window the only option in the Processor Family box is grayed out and contains "ALL". The target processor box contains "AXE" with no other options.


Also the second time I try to run Flash Programmer I get the following error message:
"flash programmer plugin failed to initialize, a default configuration file ffdeviceconfig.xml containing the supported device list was not found, or was found with invlaid content.  Please contact Freescale support."
I have totally removed CodeWarrier from my machine and re-installed it, but nothing changed.  

The other CodeWarrier installation doesn't have AXE as an option, but offers processor family 5200 with 5121 as an option in the target processor box.


I raised a service request, and was told to try the demo software from the web.  I haven't done that yet as it's the same version as mine (9.2).


Any idea what could have gone wrong with my installation?