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MCF52233CAF60 and monitoring my power supplies

Discussion created by renee straney on Jul 22, 2009
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I have two +5 volt power supplies in my product.  One is used as a redundant supply so only one is active at a time.  I want to report to the user via my command line the status of the power supplies.   


I really only need to report if they are "up" - not necessarily their exact voltages.  


Can anyone share how this is generally done? 


Here are my first ideas:


Use 2 voltage supervisors to monitor each supply and run their outputs to my 52233 and just read the pins for the correct logic level. 


I also thought of running the voltages from the supplies over to the processors A/D inputs (Via a voltage divider since it appears the 52233 can read up to Vrefh which cannot exceed VDDA.) and sampling them.


Or are there other ways to accomplish this?