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About Processor Expert  NVOPT NVPROT initialization (MC9S08DZ60)

Question asked by Nouchi on Jul 21, 2009
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Is there any means to disable variable initialization (NVOPT NVPROT) with processor Expert (CW for MCU 6.2)?

In the CPU bean inspector "security state" and "protected area" are disabled, but PE always generate this:


/* NVPROT: EPS=3,FPS=0x3F */
const unsigned char NVPROT_INIT @0x0000FFBD = 0xFF;

/* NVOPT: KEYEN=0,FNORED=1,EPGMOD=1,??=1,??=1,??=1,SEC1=1,SEC0=0 */
const unsigned char NVOPT_INIT @0x0000FFBF = 0x7E;

 which cause some errors messages with the bootloader.

 I remove this lines manually, but it's not an academic methode.





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