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Problem processing "back-to-back" characters using SCI on MC9S08QE

Discussion created by Rich Maddox on Jul 20, 2009
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I am having an issue recieving characters from a serial device.  The device sends characters without any idle time in between bytes.  For example, the device is supposed to respond with "OK<CR>" (3 byte response) upon receiving a specific command.

I only recieve the first character and overrun on the 2nd.  I have tried polled mode and interrupts without any success.  I have also cranked up the processor speed to 40MHz.


For interrupt mode, i initialize the peripheral as follows...


  /* configure SCI2 interrupt mode */
  /* SCI2C1: LOOPS=0,SCISWAI=0,Rsrc=0,M=0,WAKE=0,ILT=0,PE=0,PT=0 */
  SCI2C1 = 0x00;               /* Configure the SCI */
  /* SCI2C3: R8=0,T8=0,TXDIR=0,TXINV=0,ORIE=0,NEIE=0,FEIE=0,PEIE=0 */
  SCI2C3 = 0x00;               /* Disable error interrupts */
  /* SCI2S2: LBKDIF=0,RXEDGIF=0,??=0,RXINV=0,RWUID=0,BRK13=0,LBKDE=0,RAF=0 */
  SCI2S2 = 0x00;               
  /* SCI2C2: TIE=0,TCIE=0,RIE=0,ILIE=0,TE=0,RE=0,RWU=0,SBK=0 */
  SCI2C2 = 0x00;               /* Disable all interrupts */
  SCI2BD = UART_BAUD_9600;
      /* SCI2C3: ORIE=0,NEIE=0,FEIE=0,PEIE=0 */
  SCI2C3 |= 0x00;                      /* disable error interrupts */
  SCI2C2 |= ( SCI2C2_TE_MASK | SCI2C2_RE_MASK | SCI2C2_RIE_MASK); /*  Enable transmitter, Enable receiver, Enable receiver interrupt */
  asm CLI;

My isr looks like...


void vSci2Rx(void){
  char cDummy;
  //clear the isr source
  cDummy = SCI2S1;//dummy read to clear
  //read the char into buf
  ucRcvBuf[i++] = SCI2D;
  //check for overrun
    cDummy = SCI2D;

Any ideas on how to improve thru-put w/ this peripheral?