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Except Vector Name: Address Error

Discussion created by Dennis Essenmacher on Jul 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2009 by Rich Testardi

I have a project using the MCF52259 Eval baord I compile for internal flash when I execute the start up I get a "Exception Vector Name: Address Error" after lea __SP_AFTER_RESET,a7 execution. 


asm void _startup(void)
 /* disable interrupts */
    move.w        #0x2700,sr

 /* Pre-init SP, in case memory for stack is not valid it should be setup using
    MEMORY_INIT before __initialize_hardware is called
 lea __SP_AFTER_RESET,a7    
    /* initialize memory */

 /* initialize any hardware specific issues */
    jsr           __initialize_hardware