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USBTAP installation problem for codewarrior version 7.0 of 568000E

Question asked by Xiaogang on Jul 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by Brian Meyrick
I need to installation codewarrior version 7 for 56800E, because to maintain our old project which transfer from our partner. this project coded by codewarrior version 7.
when I installed the codewarrior 7 which download from freescale website, but I can't find the USB TAP connection Item in the "Remote Connection" tap.
when I install the "ROHS USB TAP Update.ext",  but some problem appears. It says that:"Setup was unable to find the qulified installation of codewarrior tools on your system. Please select the location below,and press "Next" to start the file update."
I had choose many many different location which my codewarrior 7.0 installed, but always can't go ahead.
who can give me some advice to fix this USB  TAP connection for codewarrior 7.0 of 56800E.