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Cannot load OSBDM library 'OSBDM-JM60.DLL'

Question asked by Rohit Girme on Jul 15, 2009
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I have successfully installed Linux on MCF5485. Now I am setting up a
development environment on my Windows machine using Eclipse IDE, Eclipse
CDT, GDB Hardware debugging plugin, CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ Lite
toolchain. I am using the BDM interface and a parallel port connector to
connect the board to my machine.
I made the necessary configurations. The Sourcery toolchain has a tool
called Debug Sprite which is used for debugging on remote machines. It has a
command "m68k-linux-gnu-sprite -i" which probes for debug devices. When I do
this I get the following output
*CodeSourcery ColdFire Debug Sprite (Sourcery G++ Lite 4.3-210)
pe: [speed=<n:0-31>&memory-

timeout=<n:0-99>] P&E Adaptor
 pe://CycloneProMaxSerial:1 - COM1 : Serial Port 1
 pe://ParallelPortCable:1 - LPT1 : Parallel Port 1 (Address $0378)
ccs: [timeout=<n>&speed=<n>] CCS Protocol
 ccs://$Host:$Port/$Chain_position - Command Converter Server
tblcf: TBLCF Interface
osbdm: Open Source BDM
osbdm: Cannot load OSBDM library 'OSBDM-JM60.DLL'*

I found out that if this happens, I must install the driver for the OSBDM
device. I found a driver on your site at the URL below.

But the drivers were for usb device. Do you have any drivers or a the
OSBDM-JM60.DLL which will solve my problem??

Is there any other solution to this??
Thank You for your support,

Rohit Girme