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M52259 EVB board external RAM

Question asked by Jack Deng on Jul 13, 2009
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I just bougt a M52259EVB board and do not know how to access the on board MRAM.


I loaded my own code to read the MRAM (CS0 configured as an 8-bit port), but it would lock me in "Access Error Excpetion".

I notice that there is a CPLD residing on the same bus but could not find its equations from the CD shipped with the board.


I configured the Mini-bus as:

MCF_FBCS0_CSAR=0x80000000; //CS0 base address 0x80000000
//15WS, AA, 8 bit
//CS0 512KB and validate


I do not know what I did wrong and please help.


Thanks a lot.



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