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S08 JM Bootloader PC source code

Discussion created by Paolo Messina on Jul 13, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2009 by Pavel Lajsner

hi, I'm evaluating the possibility of using the JM USB Bootloader supplied by Freescale for one of our products, to let the customers update the firmware in case we release any new version.


Now, I have installed the "" and I found it contains the WinUSB driver installer and a GUI developed with .Net framework.


The license grants to prepare derivative works, but the package does not contain source code and we're not going to give customers the Freescale software as it is.


We need to customize driver installer and bootloader firmware to use our own VID/PID and also modify/rewrite the PC GUI software to download new firmware.


Since every piece is closed source, and there is no PC library or programming reference, I think this is not a viable option for production, just a demo or proof of concept.


Did I got this right? Or where are the missing pieces?


Does anyone know of any alternatives with source code?

I know there is a serial bootloader AN using SCI, but I need to use USB.