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Using the Target Board (56F8356) without USB TAP.

Question asked by kanthi uppala on Jul 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2009 by Tom Thompson

Hello Pascal,


      I have being able to succesfully flash our application onto 56F8356 controller board using the FLASH PROGRAMMER. After programming the application I have also verified the flash.


     I recieve "SUCCESS" for both programming & verifying.


Now I want to know how to use the "TARGET BOARD" without USBTAP after flashing the application? It is not mentioned in the "Flash programmers User Manual".


Right now what I am doing is:

1) Programming the application

2) Verifying the applciation.

3) Removing the USBTAB

4) Reset the controller (Power ON & OFF) & check whether the application is working or not.


Is the above procedure correct? My application is not running on the TARGET after RESET.


Can you please guide me how to use the TARGET BOARD after FLASH PROGRAMMING the S-Record File.



Thank you,

Kanthi Uppala