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Looking for help with MC68HC908AZ60 Please

Discussion created by P Adams on Jul 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2009 by P Adams

Hello everyone.


First of all let apologise for my forwardness, I have only just joined the forum & I'm looking for someone to help me out big time straight away, I'm not normally this forward but I find myself in a desperate situation with this processor.


I need a kind sole to take pity on me & help me with my problem.


Basically I'm looking for a good Samaritan that would be willing to read & programme a processor for me. 

I don't have the equipment or the expertise to do this myself & I just wondered if there was anyone out there that would be willing to help me with this.


Please let me know & I'll post up more details of the problem.


Many thanks for your time & here's hoping that  someone will be willing to help me.