Robert Wood

What's the best BDM for a Coldfire?

Discussion created by Robert Wood on Jul 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2010 by Alexander Shtengel

Hi folks,


I'm about to to start my first Coldfire project by the looks of it and need to choose a BDM interface. I always found in the past many problems with P&E's BDM inteface for HCS12 and it was very, very slow (compared to JTAG on ARMs). Is it the same on Coldfire?  Is the Albatron worth the money for extra speed? Are there other recommended BDM interfaces?


I would happily pay extra for a good interface if it gave me:


1. Comparable speeds to ARM JTAG


2. Was rock solid and didn't lose communication regularly  (like Atmel's oneWIRE interface does) .


Very grateful for advice and comment.s :smileyhappy: