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Bootloader for S12

Question asked by Lukasz Prymula on Jul 9, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2009 by william rodriguez



I have once more question about bootloader for 9S12 (I.m using XEP100). I was succesfuly implemented LRAE and LFAE bootloader. But it is disposable ;/. I have to remake it that it can be used repeatedly. I'm not sure am I doing this in good way. In application which is loading to flash I change in *.prm file reset vector from VECTOR 0 _Startup   to    VECTOR 0 0x4000. So processor must always jump to bootloader after reset and just then jump to my app (addr 0xC000). Question is how to prepare flash pages to load new flash. And is it good solution to change reset vector is my app to bootloader start vector? Maybe have anybody FW example with these bootloader?