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mov3q with -1 value

Question asked by Tim Updegrove on Jul 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2009 by Tim Updegrove

For Coldfire, what is the correct result of the following mov3q instruction with data register direct effective address mode? Remember that the 3-bit immediate data value of "0" represents -1.  I'm thinking it is #2 because the 2's complement 3-bit value of -1 is 0x7.


mov3q.l #0x0,d2

//(1) d2=0xfffffff8 (suspect is wrong)

//(2) d2=0xffffffff (suspect is correct)


 I assume the below instruction of immediate value=+7 yields the following answer.  Agree?


mov3q.l #0x7,d2