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BDM Question - MPC565  CW8.1

Discussion created by John McKeon on Jul 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2009 by Tom Thompson

In the CW IDE there is a little green triangular button labeled 'run'. What signals -exactly- are sent to the BDM hardware interface when this button is pushed? (Macraigor parallel Raven)


Here's the situation. Just received a couple of new 565 proto boards. They are a slight modification to an existing design. The boards will only start with the BDM connected and by pushing the 'run' button in CW. When attempting to start them without the BDM connected, they appear to leave reset and then hang. I have tried using simpler debug software, Macraigor OCD_Commander for one, but no other BDM debug software is able to start the board. Once running, they work perfectly. Therefore I am trying to identify exactly what CW is doing that the other debuggers are not. 


By the way, if anyone has any idea why this happening I sure would like to hear (any probably move that to a more appropriate hardware forum) 


So my question again. What exactly does CW do when one pushes the 'run' button?