Robert Wood

MQX on a non-Codewarrior IDE, BDM vs JTAG and custom BSPs

Discussion created by Robert Wood on Jul 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2009 by David E Seymour

Hi folks,


I'm investigating doing a project that needs an OS and am looking at a V1 Coldfire and an ARM Cortex. In some ways MQX looks like a nice OS, but I can't use Codewarrior. Codesourcery are claiming it's possible to develop MQX with that, but then I supose they might say that anyway. Does anyone have any experience of using MQX with something other than Codewarrior? Is it a bad idea?


Are there companies about who might do a Codesourcery port  for us?


I could use a Cortex to do the project and in some ways that is a better solution as I have ARM tools that work on my host OS and it has JTAG rather than BDM. (The only drawback is price - the Coldfire wins there.) My experience with BDM is that it is a *lot* slower than JTAG and that uploading many tens of k of code to the processor will be like pulling teeth with something as slow as BDM. Does anyone have any input on this please? 


Finally, if we did take the Coldfire path,  does anyone know how difficult is for a JM128 custom board to have MQX ported to it. On the basis that there are no extra drivers needed for different hardware and that with the memory all being on-board, is it safe to assume it really is just a case of getting an existing port for a JM128 and we'd be able to start writing code? 



Many thaks for any help, would be most appreciated.