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MOVEA Adr Indirect Post Increment

Question asked by Tim Updegrove on Jul 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2009 by pgo

Here are a few questions on the following Coldfire MOVEA instruction.


movea.w (%a2)+,%a3    #a3=mem[a2.w]; a2=a2+2


1. Does A3 load 16 or 32 bits?  I suspect all 32-bits are loaded from the sign-extended memory location pointed to by A2.


2. Does A2 increment by 2?


3. What does the "%" represent?  Is it assembler specific?



Is there overlap/redundency between instructions LEA & MOVEA?  Are the following eqivalent?


lea.l (%a2),%a3             #a3=mem[a2]

movea.l (%a2),%a3        #a3=mem[a2]