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Problem with events using demo hvac for M52259EVB.

Question asked by Daniel Rodriguez Vara on Jul 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2009 by Petr MacHala

I am working with hvac_demo in my M52259EVB.


I have a idea to add a extra event and a new task. 


I program the new task correctly(TASK_A), and one event to managment any aplication.

I can create the event.

I can open a pointer to set this event from TASK_B. All is right.

But, from TASK_C, I can open pointer and set event, but it does not cause any change in TASK_A. I use the debug aplication, and I can see how the pointer open in TASK_B have a different value with regard to pointer opern in TASK_C.

All can be due to demo program, my eval-license or MQX 3.2 have a bug?


If you need the code, said me and I will put it.

Thank you.