Accessing paged RAM from XGATE - S12XEQ384

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i am using a S12XEQ384 with 24 kB RAM. I initially linked XGATE data to unpaged RAM. Later due to certain reasons i need to move it to paged RAM. Since then the cpu application code never runs and always an XGATE access violation occurs. 


here is a section of my prm file:


     //RAM_XGATE_STK = READ_WRITE  0xFA1000 TO 0xFA10FF ALIGN 2 [1:1]; /* The stack is set by the XGATE compiler option -Cstv=A100 */
      RAM_XGATE_DATA= READ_WRITE  0xFA1100 TO 0xFA12FF ALIGN 2 [1:1]; /* word align for XGATE accesses */
      RAM_FA        = READ_WRITE  0xFA1300 TO 0xFA1FFF; // ALIGN 2[1:1]; /* is also mapped to XGATE:  0xA000..0xAFFF */
      RAM_FB        = READ_WRITE  0xFB1000 TO 0xFB1FFF;
      RAM_FC        = READ_WRITE  0xFC1000 TO 0xFC1FFF;
      RAM_FD        = READ_WRITE  0xFD1000 TO 0xFD1FFF;
/*    RAM_FE        = READ_WRITE  0xFE1000 TO 0xFE1FFF; intentionally not defined: equivalent to RAM: 0x2000..0x2FFF */
/*    RAM_FF        = READ_WRITE  0xFF1000 TO 0xFF1FFF; intentionally not defined: equivalent to RAM: 0x3000..0x3FFF */


Can someone help on this ?





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