Chuan Huang

Cannot transfer uImage through tftp under linux on MCF5485EVM

Discussion created by Chuan Huang on Jun 30, 2009
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I'm trying to transfer uImage to MCF5485 board under linux. But when I enter "tftp 02000000 uImage", the responce is " T T T T".


I set the IP of eth1 of host pc as

The board configuration is as below:





I was able to use tftp under windows. So i think the board configuration was fine. The only thing i did under windows was to fix the IP address of eth1 adapter. I did the same thing in linux, but I could not use tftp under linux. I used "iptable -F" to turn off the firewall in linux. The tftp was running. I was able to ping host from target board under both windows and linux.


Can anybody give me some advice? Thanks very much!!