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CW9.2 simulator for MobileGT ppc, possibly strange behaviour

Discussion created by martin wakely on Jun 30, 2009
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I have discovered that the simulator in CW9.2 for MobileGT (MPC5121) doesn't update variables correctly when cacheing is enabled - is that expected behaviour?


Below is an example, using the demo project created in CW for ADS5121 native mode (i.e. no OS).


I ran the "Cache ISR Debug Version' in the CW simulator.


With cacheing enabled, "pCMS_Heap = 0x1100000;" does not update pCMS_Heap.


If I disable cacheing then the statement behaves as expected.


To disable cacheing I comment out the following line in "ini_mmu_cache.c"


// Initialize Instruction and Caches
//   bl       init_caches




Martin Wakely






This is main.c


//    Project Stationery  //

#include <stdio.h>

asm void system_call();

asm void system_call()


unsigned long pCMS_Heap;

void InitCMSHeap(void);

void main()
    int i=0;

    printf("Welcome to CodeWarrior!\r\n");

    system_call(); // generate a system call exception to demonstrate the ISR
    while (1) { i++; } // loop forever

void InitCMSHeap(void)

            // this variable is not aparently updated correctly

   pCMS_Heap = 0x1100000;


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