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MC13213: RTIisr and STOP2 wakeup

Discussion created by Walter Torresani on Jun 30, 2009
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I'm writing here because I need some help with Stop mode 2 used on a MC13213 whit SMAC code.

I think that the problem occurs when the RTI wake up the MCU from the sleep mode. 


I've configured all the register needed to put the MCU in stop mode 2 in the SPMSC2 register and also configured RTI with 1,024s period using internal oscillator.  Before entering in stop mode using

__asm("STOP")  introduction (is the instruction correct?) I switch to the internal clock generator for the MCU and then I put the radio modem in hibernate mode (when MCU operate normally I use Modem clock generator). To wake and transmit data I use  RTI ISR to refresh a simple tick counter but after using stop instruction the module simply sleep forever.


Where I'm wrong??


Thank, Walter.


ps: sorry for my English!!