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Including the generated "derivative.h"-file

Discussion created by Patrik Bjorklund on Jun 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2009 by pgo

Hi all


I have a question about including the automatically generated derivative.h-file.

By default the project has this file included in the main.c-file.

But let say you want what is in the derivative.h-file in other .c-files.


What I have done is that i moved the include of the derivative.h-file to main.h instead.

And if I needed what was in the derivative.h-fil, I just simply included the main.h-file.

Of course one could just include the derivative.h-file where it's needed, but I thought my way was easier since the main.h-file might already be included in a lot of .c-files.


Is my idea ok, or is there something particular I should look out for?

How do you include the derivative.h-file in your projects?