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K4 processors and PCBUG11

Discussion created by B.A. Taylor on Jun 24, 2009
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First there appears to be at least 2 versions of PCBUG11 3.42. One is named PCBUG11 and the other is PCBUG11a.  I have 1ea 68hc11k1 ,1ea XC68HC711K4cfs4 and 5ea XC68HC711P2CFS4. None of the processors could be accessed by (bug11a). The other version (bug11) could be accessed by the K4 processor and another K1 processor(hc11). The other 5ea hc711P2  could not be accessed by PCBUG11 . The error messages indicate there is no com connection. All the processors were tried in the same board with the same PCBUG11.

 The PCBUG11 options for K4 are

19 for 11P2

20 for 11ka4

23 for 11p2

18 for 711k4

24 for 711p2

The 2 mentioned earlier would work for any of these options. The 5 other would not . Its hard to beleive that all the P2s are bad with the same problem,but I could be convinced.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Also I would appreciate any info about how I may access these or any HC11 that hasn't already been programed. Any other program similar to PCBUG11 that may work.



BAT Taylor