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Selling programmers, is it legal?

Discussion created by elec_div elec_div on Jun 23, 2009
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Hello to all. I've been developing some "universal" programmer for the HC08 to enter monitor mode and program almost any mcu (or at least the ones I've been using). Along with that, I've developed a series of common evalutaion boards to test different peripherals (LCD, keyboard, 7 segments displays, buzzers, motors,...). All of them are for personal use (evaluation and development). The thing is that a friend of mine (that has little expierence in this mcu "field") asked me to sell him some of the boards and the programmer too. And what's more interesting is that another friend of his wants them too. So my question is, is it legal to sell the programmer (MON08) to someone, or is it Freescale's properpty?