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cmd file and rescued items problems

Discussion created by Ben Duimstra on Jun 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2009 by Ben Duimstra
I am running a project for the 56F8355 processor with two targets. The only differences between the target is one generates word address S records while the other generates byte addresses, and the output directories are different.

On open the project I get a messaged saying that some files need to be rescued. These are a an, apparently, random selection of header files. I have set the access paths to only get files from the project code folder for both projects. So I am confused.

I am also getting another messages along the lines of "Different cmd file found in the project xxxxx. Processor expert is generating xxxxxxx. To avoid conflicts it is recommended to remove xxxxx. You can disable generation etc. etc."

I have disabled the generation of linker files for one target but not the other. Do I have to ret rid of the cmd files in both projects and disable the generation of linker files (cmd) for both projects?