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problem with MSL

Discussion created by Luca Petro on Jun 23, 2009
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Hi all,

   I'm having trouble with my project where I ported the FreeRTOS OS on a MCF52221.

I need to use the standard sprintf functio, nut if I use a standard complete MSL (C_4i_CF_StdABI_MSL.a) the project goes in Cpu_Interrupt because of some error accours.


The solution i fount out is to use the small MSL library (C_4i_CF_StdABI_SZ_MSL.a) as the guide saidformy processor. This means that a lot of functions like ato() atof() don't work. Another thing is that sprintf function has not complete functionality, like 0 padding.


What I'm asking is: is there some option to use a complete MSL liibrary with MCF52221 or is mandatory to use the small one?