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HC908 current specifications, specially MC68HC908JB16

Question asked by elec_div elec_div on Jun 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2009 by kef

Hello. Does someone knows if the current limit for non special ports (like led drivers or high current sink) are the ones specified below? These were copied from the MC68HC908JB16  datasheet.


Output high voltage (ILoad = –2.0 mA)



Output low voltage

(ILoad = 1.6 mA) All I/O pins

(ILoad = 25 mA) PTD0–PTD1 in ILDD mode(I

Load = 10 mA) PTE3–PTE4 with USB is disabled


Is it correcto to say that a non special port can have a 1.6mA sink current at maximum and consequently it has to be connected to a pull-up resistor (for open-drain configuration) with a value higher than 3125 Ohms (VCC=5V)?

If the port specification don't specify a port is open drain as output, what other thing (electrically) can it be and how can I represent it whit equivalent components for simulation?