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Can no longer access M52259DEMO board after codewarrior 7.1.2 update

Question asked by Marc Vandenhende on Jun 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by Chris de Villiers

I have been using Codewarrior for Coldfire SE 7.1.1a for a while with no problems at all, using M52233DEMO, M52235EVB and M52259DEMO boards as targets.


This week I found out about the V7.1.2 update of  Codewarrior for Coldfire, and as I usually do, performed the update immediately. Unfortunately, I now can no longer access de M52259DEMO board. Instead, I get a message saying:




I noticed that in the specified folder this DLL does not exist (it does in the 7.1.1a codewarrior) but there are a couple of other DLLs present. Selecting one of those in the project settings does not fix the problem though.


I have been thinking of copying the DLL from the 7.1.1a version to the 7.1.2 version but I haven't tested that out yet.


I'm using WinXP SP3 32 bit by the way...

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