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where are the definations about them??

Question asked by Yu TianYu on Jun 18, 2009
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Hello,everyone. Recently, i ,all the while, study MQX RTOS based on M52259DemoKit. Today, i have another problem in a file named mqx_prv.h.

In the file, there two macros for MQX_SETJMP(b) and MQX_LONGJMP(b,n), but i can't find the defination of them .For example:

#define MQX_LONGJMP(b,n) longjmp(b,n)
#define MQX_SETJMP(b)    setjmp(b)

where are the defination of longjmp(b,n) and setjmp(b)? They are also in I can't find them in it and other .cw files.

Mr.EAI,Could you help me to find defination about them?

And According to Lines 253 in mqx_prv.h, There is a Micro defination for codewarrior complier. But in the    # if MQX_CRIPPLED_EVALUATION,  there is not MQX_CRIPPLED_EVALUATION in all files.
In other word, after it, the compiler can't compile the code between # if MQX_CRIPPLED_EVALUATION and their own # endif. Among the codes, there is a micro code that is
#  include <setjmp.h> .
i also can't find the file named setjmp.h.
Could you help me to find it ??

Thank you for your help.

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