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Unhandled Interrupt vector 0x9f (159)

Question asked by Francesco North on Jun 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by 增 王
I'm using an MCF52259 and getting the following error being printed out by MQX.
Vector #: 636  0x27c
Offset  : 159  0x9f
Task Id: 0x10005 Td_ptr 0x1000bc80 Stack Frame: 0x100006f8
Interrupt_nesting level: 2   PC: 0x000006ea   SR: 0x2204
Then a crash.
Looking at the MCF52259 (16-15) manual the in use vectors stop at 153 (BOFF_INT)
So what's 159?
I would install a handler if I could find out what the interrupt was for.
BTW I am using the FlexCAN module and CAN messages are being received at the time. So I suspect it is something to do with that!