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Runaway program won't let me reprogram chip

Discussion created by Erick McAfee on Jun 16, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2010 by Erick McAfee

The preliminaries:

I have 5.7.0 CW IDE for HCS12, processor =  MCS12A256BCPV, P&E Micro USB multilink interface - USB-PE5012998

The symptoms:

I just enabled the software watchdog and was attempting to reprogram the device when low and behold I am stuck in a loop and the programer / debuger is unable to stop the device long enough to get the new program loaded.


Is there a trick to get the processor to completely halt under these circumstances?

Is there an optimal USB interface communication setting that would help me out?

Is there a method to reprogram it so some other code can run?

How do you set the watchdog to start latter in the code instead of in the during generated auto initialization?


I think thats enough questions for now. 


Thanks in advance.